Why You Should Ditch Average Fantasy Apps for ThriveFantasy

By: Braeden Long

Draft Kings and FanDuel have an implemented plan that draws the average player to play in DFS games with high hopes of getting rich.  Sure, it’s more fun to watch sports when there’s money on the line, but how confident are you picking a perfect lineup to get dough?

ThriveFantasy, unlike Draft Kings and FanDuel, is the perfect platform for the everyday fantasy player to place daily wagers confidently.  Thrive doesn’t have nearly as many users as their competitors as of yet, so it’s much easier to win money.  Don’t let fantasy platforms hook you in to enter massive contests with small bets ending in the rich getting richer.  The DFS industry is projected to be a multibillion-dollar industry, but 2-3% of users account for over 80% of each platform’s prize money which is becoming a noticeable problem.  ThriveFantasy’s founder and CEO, Adam Weinstein, created a format to fix “the biggest problem in fantasy sports.”  Instead of donating to the money pit they call Draft Kings and FanDuel, use your sports knowledge to win easy money in daily prop bets with Thrive.

What’s Thrive?

“The platform allows users to select top-tier athletes in a given sport to build a lineup for competition through an easy and efficient drafting process that takes less than ten minutes.” – Adam Weinstein

ThriveFantasy is a relatively new DFS platform that allows users to pick prop bets (over/under) of the top-tier athletes in their respective sport.  Instead of unrealistically looking up stats for every player, Thrive provides a small number of players to choose props from.  Of the players provided, you are required to select half of their props and two backup props in-case of an injury or game-time decision.  On top of that, to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, a commission of 10% on every contest is what Thrive profits compared to their competitor’s average of 20% which means more money in YOUR pocket.

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