TWW Top NFL Running Backs: July 27th, 2017

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Adam Wagner – Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst: The Wagner Wire

Alright DFS champions! The NFL season is practically within our grasp. Are you prepared for your draft? TWW will be your guide again throughout the 2017 campaign. With the knowledge that we provide, you will feel confident on your fantasy football draft day. Not much has changed from last week in regards to running backs, but its necessary to track everything in the NFL if you want to be a champion. That is why you’re here, right?


TWW’s Top NFL Running Backs 

Tier 1


  1. David Johnson – Arizona Cardinals: 293 Att/1,239 Yds/16 TDs/120 Tgts/80 Rec/879 Yds/4 TDs
  2. Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers: 261 Att/1,268 Yds/7 TDs – 94 Tgts/75 Rec/616 Yds/2 TDs
  3. Ezekiel Elliot – Dallas Cowboys: 322 Att/1,631 Yds/15 TDs – 40 TGTs/32 Rec/363Yds/1 TD
  4. LeSean McCoy – Buffalo Bills: 234 Att/1,267 Yds/13 TDs – 57 Tgts/50 Rec/356 Yds/1 TD
  5. Jordan Howard – Chicago Bears: 252 Att/1,313 Yds/6TDs – 50 Tgts/29 Rec/298 Yds/1 TD
  6. Melvin Gordon – Los Angeles Chargers: 254 Att/997 Yds/10 TDs – 57 Tgts/41 Rec/419 Yds/2 TDs
  7. Devonta Freeman – Atlanta Falcons: 227 Att/1,079 Yds/11 TDs – 65 Tgts/54 Rec/462 Yds/2 TDs
  8. Ajay Ajayi  – Miami Dolphins: 260 Att/1,272 Yds/8 Tds – 35 Tgts/27 Rec/151 Yds
  9. Demarco Murray – Tennesse Titans: 293 Att/1,287 Yds/9 Tds – 67 Tgts/53 Rec/377 Yds/3 TDs
  10. Lamar Miller – Houston Texans: 268 Att/ 1,073 Yds/ 5 TDs – 39 Tgts/31 Rec/188 Yds/1 TD
  11. Todd Gurley – Los Angeles Rams: 278 Att/885 Yds/6 TDs – 58 Tgts/43 Rec/327 Yds
  12. Isaiah Crowell – Cleveland Browns: 198 Att/952 Yds/7 TDs – 53 Tgts/40 Rec/319 Yds
  13. Leonard Fournette – Jacksonville Jaguars: 129 Att/843 Yds/8 TDs (NCAA)
  14. Spencer Ware – Kansas City Chiefs: 214 Att/921 Yds/3 TDs – 42 Tgts/33 Rec/447 Yds/2 TDs 
  15. Joe Mixon – Cincinnati Bengals: 187 Att/1274 Yds/10 TDs – 37 Rec/538 Yds/5 TDs
  16. Marshawn Lynch – Oakland Raiders: Did not play last year. (Fresh legs)
  17. Christian McCaffery – Carolina Panthers: 253 Att/1,603 Yds/13 TDs – 37 Rec/310 Yds/ 3 TDs
  18. Paul Perkins – New York Giants: 112 Att/456 Yds – 24 Tgts/15 Rec/162 Yds
  19. Mark Ingram – New Orleans Saints: 205 Att/1043 Yds/6 TDs – 58 Tgts/46 Rec/319 Yds/4 TDs
  20. Carlos Hyde – San Francisco 49ers: 217 Att/988 Yds/6 TDs – 33 Tgts/27 Rec/163 Yds/3 TDs

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Thanks for reading the list. We will try to update our rankings each week as more news breaks for the NFL. Remember to tweet us your rankings @TheWagnerWire. You can also follow me @NotTheFakeWags