Sweet Fantasy – 69 Things: Week 1

Chris Sweet - Senior Fantasy Analyst: The Wagner Wire Your Sweet Fantasy is back and I'm bringing you 69 thoughts, facts, and musings from a mostly ugly Week 1 of fantasy football. Alex Smith has a large chip on his shoulder. Kareem Hunt is going to be a problem for opposing fantasy owners. Travis Kelce is not Gronk...he's better than him. Tom Brady will be just fine. I want to own Brandin Cooks this week in New Orleans. Chris Hogan is not a suitable replacement for Julian Edelman. The Top 5 Fantasy QBs in Week 1 were Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford, Trevor Siemian, and Derek Carr. At least 3 of them won't have a better week all year. Minnesota's

Sweet Fantasy: Late Night Quickie Top 3 QBs for Week 2

Chris Sweet - ┬áSenior Fantasy Analyst: The Wagner Wire     Hey everybody, Your Sweet Fantasy is stopping by for a late night quickie. I'm gonna hit you off with my top 3 QBs for Week 2 and then you can all sleep tight with visions of sugar plums and Hundred Dollar bills in your dreams. These are best used as Cash plays.   1. Drew Brees NO vs TB DK $7800 FD $8900 There was a lot of talk that Drew Brees was going to come down a tier after losing red zone threat Jimmy Graham and late season fantasy star Kenny Stills. There is some merit to that in real football as you can't just replace a player like Jimmy Graham. The thing about