Maxim Fantasy Sports: MLB Friday (5/29) – Star Power Card

The Wagner Wire insights for today’s lineups at     What’s going on Maxim Fantasy Sports Champions? I have some great matchups for the MLB Friday (5/29) – Star Power Card. Lets Go! Here are my 4 MUST PLAY picks for you to play in today.   Shields v Harvey Rumors are speculating that Harvey has a “dead arm” after Tommy John Surgery. I’m encouraged to go with Shields as result. Harvey got shelled his lat time out. Shields owns an ERA of 3.75 and is 6-0. Harvey's ERA is 2.91 but will face a dangerous Giancarlo Stanton. My gut instinct is Shields and that's who gets my selection.   Fielder v Harper Harper has been Superman lately! He’s getting .5 from Fielder and had a day off yesterday. Bryce pick