Sweet Fantasy 6 lists of 9 – Week 7

Chris Sweet - Senior Fantasy Analyst: The Wagner Wire We are through 7 weeks which is a little over half of the regular season. Your Sweet Fantasy is switching things up a little this week. I'm bringing you 6 lists of 9 from the first half of the Fantasy Football season. These lists are compiled by yours truly and cover a range of things. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Top 9 Week Winners These are players that had outrageous weeks that won you the week by themselves. Several of these players could have been here multiple times. Kareem Hunt Week 1 - 148 rushing yards 5 receptions 98 receiving yards 3 total TD Amari Cooper Week 7 - 11 receptions 210 receiving yards

Just The Tip – Playoff Push

DZ - Fantasy Analyst: The Wagner Wire Degenerates, With every win and loss becoming more crucial, you need make each week and each roster move count! Now is not the time to hesitate and second guess yourself. At this juncture of the season you know what moves you need to make. You just need to get to the playoffs! Yes Jim Mora...Playoffs!   Robert Woods/WR/Bills Woods doesn't have the best QB situation. However, he has been vaulted into the #1 WR spot. Percy Harvin has battled injuries his entire career and is now contemplating retirement. Sammy Watkins....he just can't stay healthy. The Bills are on bye this week so try to pick him up as a FA. He should continue to lead the team in

Sweet Fantasy – NFL Week 8 DFS Value Picks

Chris Sweet: Senior Fantasy Analyst – The Wagner Wire What's up Wagner Wire Nation? I'm your Sweet Fantasy back for Week 8 values. Week 7 treated the Wagner Wire staff very well. If you read this column last week there is no doubt you had a successful week as well. Some of the values last week were pretty obvious but you had to have those guys in your lineups because everybody else did. We're at the point of the season where paying attention to match ups is even more important and most guys are starting to be priced at their correct values. But there is always something out there that doesn't quite look right. This week we are gonna try to