2017 NFL Player Rankings – Quarterbacks

Chris Sweet - Fantasy Sports Analyst The sports lull of the Summer is here. Luckily before we know it we will be up to our ears in Training Camp battles, virtually unknown players rising to starting positions, and season ending injuries that ruin our favorite teams chances. I wanted to launch my initial 2017 NFL Player Rankings while almost every NFL player is healthy. I'll be doing these one position at a time. In my opinion the top 3-4 QBs on this list are the safest guys week to week and while you can easily wait and still get a highly productive QB1 sometimes it is worth it to grab Brees in Round 3. It all depends on how the draft plays

Sweet Fantasy – WR Handcuffs

It's time for another Sweet Fantasy. We're gonna get kinky today and talk about handcuffs but probably not the kind you think. If you've played Fantasy Football for a number of years you are probably familiar with the concept of handcuffing your stud Running Backs, late in your draft or auction you grab your starters backup with a relatively unimportant pick. You don't want to risk a fellow owner grabbing Knile Davis from you when you own Jamaal Charles and he goes down in Week 1 for a few weeks or more. But here's where real football has forced us to ponder a different handcuff strategy...Wide Receiver handcuffs. The reality is teams are passing at historic rates and there are