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So anything exciting happen in your industry this week? It was pretty quiet on the DFS front…Oh wait, what’s that? You weren’t hiding under a rock and happened to catch every news outlet there is talking about DFS? Oh yeah, how could I forget? Well lucky for all of you we covered it on The Big 3 DFS show in full on Tuesday Night. Please give it a watch if you haven’t already.


But on to why you really came here today…I know you’ve been waiting all week for this column and I am going to make it extra valuable this week! The week to week aspect of this game has shown us that the cash line can vary greatly from Sunday to Sunday and even high priced studs can disappoint on any given week. For instance on DraftKings Millionaire Maker if you scored 202 points in Week 3 you were taking home about $40.00, if you scored that last week you’re a millionaire. This column is mostly about trying to get to that Million mark so the majority of the plays here are not considered safe plays or for cash games unless specified.

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Jameis Winston $5100 DK $6400 FD $10,300 fantasydraft.com

(AP Photo/Jim Mone)
(AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Jameis Winston has been up and mostly down in his early NFL career but he has a great match up this week in the battle for part of Florida. If you watched our Week 5 preview on the Big 3 DFS Show you know our resident Bucs fan Al Walsh is drinking the Kool Aid this week but so am I. Look for him to find his huge targets Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson early and often.


Jay Cutler $5300 DK $7400 FD $10,800 fantasydraft.com

 (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Bears are bad, this much has been established. Jay Cutler is facing an uphill battle thi year and is probably missing his top Wide receiver for the 2nd straight week. These are the negatives. The positives are Jay is facing the team that has given up the most fantasy points to QBs this season and will almost definitely be playing from behind, Throw in that he has played in Arrowhead a few times as a Bronco and he could have a surprisingly good day at a low price and very low ownership.


Sam Bradford $6000 DK $$7500 FD $11,600 fantasydraft.com

 (AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)
(AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)

Wow guys Bradley C. won over $350.00 on FanDuel! You too can win enough to pay part of your rent this month…Whoops, sorry got away from the task at hand. Sam Bradford showed some of the promise last week that we’ve been waiting for. The matchup this week should be perfect for a lot of points. This could be one of those huge fantasy days nobody saw coming, but if you are reading this you will know someone saw it coming.


Running Backs


Dion Lewis $4800 DK $6900 FD $10,200 fantasydraft.com

(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)
(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

This guy shouldn’t be in my column. But if DraftKings is gonna keep pricing him under 5k he’s gonna keep ending up here. He has as high of a floor as just about every running back in the league. He will get multiple catches and he actually can do stuff on his own once the ball is in his hands. It’s tough to pay up for the big name backs when you can get Lewis so cheap. Blount may be the back that will put the game away but Lewis will be the guy getting ll of the touches until then.


Doug Martin $4700 DK $6400 FD $9000 fantasydraft.com

Don Wright Associated Press
Don Wright Associated Press

The Muscle Hamster was back last week having hi best day of the year so far. A lot of his problems this year has been game flow and his team getting behind early. The Bucs should not get blown out in this game and it could be a lot of Dougie down the stretch. He’s pretty cheap and shouldn’t be too highly owned. He’s always a gamble but feel confident taking him this week.

Andre Williams $3100 DK $5400 FD $6400 fantasydraft.com

Jim O. - FanSided
Jim O. – FanSided

This pick is more of a hunch than anything. No cold hard numbers just the lack of anyone snatching the Starting Running Back job in New York. Williams and Jennings had the same number of touches last week. Jennings had the big play last week maybe it’s Williams turn this week.


Wide Receivers


Willie Snead $3000 DK $5300 FD $6900 fantasydraft.com

Associated Press photo by MIKE ROEMER
Associated Press photo by MIKE ROEMER

While guys like Brandin Cooks and Brandon Coleman were touted as Drew Bree’s top Receivers coming in to the year it has been Snead that has impressed. He is separating himself from the other and has completely passed Coleman on the depth chart. While Cooks has been targeted more Snead is making the most of his targets catching all 6 last week and for the season is averaging 10.9 yards per target. He is the minimum on DraftKings which is insane. Plug him to your lineup as this game should be one of the highest scoring of the week.


Kamar Aiken $3800 DK $5800 FD $7500 fantasydraft.com

Rob Carr Getty Images
Rob Carr Getty Images

He’s all they have left. That’s my reasoning for taking Kamar Aiken this week at his very low price. He should be the top target in Baltimore while the Senior one is out. Aiken impressed in the Overtime win last week and now will probably see the most targets of his career. Take him so you can grab a high priced guy to go with him.


Nelson Agholor $4200 DK $5200 FD $8100 fantasydraft.com

Credit: AP / Matt Rourke
Credit: AP / Matt Rourke

The highly touted rookie has mostly been non existent until last week when he caught 3 passes for 64 yards. The big one was a 45 yarder. If the Eagles are going to resemble the offenses of the past few years they need to get him more involved. He still shouldn’t be highly owned as most people are disappointed with him. Stack him with Bradford in the hopes of a blowup.


Tight Ends

From this point on I won’t be covering value Tight Ends because there is Gronk and the rest of the field. The value is so varying from week to week but I will try to mention a few decent plays. Charles Clay and Antonio Gates are obvious ones this week. Owen Daniels gets the Raiders this week and is a cheaper option. I will probably pay up for Gronk this week. Feel free to take a chance on a cheaper lesser known option as most of those guys under $4000 on DK will be scarcely owned besides Owen Daniels.


That’s it for this week’s values. Catch me on The Big 3 DFS Morning Show on YouTube Sunday Morning at 11:00 am EST for all your last minute updates and strategy. Good Luck everyone and as always I’m your Sweet Fantasy.

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