Sweet Fantasy – Dynasty League Rookie Rankings

Author: Chris Sweet – TWW

It’s time for your Sweet Fantasy to go over the top 2015 rookies for Dynasty Football Leagues. If you have never played in a Dynasty League before the format is a little different. The idea is that it is more like a real football league in that you keep your entire team each year and your draft is mostly rookies along with the occasional veteran that is coming in to a starting job. So without further ado here is my list of the top rookies to target in your Dynasty Leagues this year.



1.Amari Cooper  – WR/Oakland Raiders

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re looking for a player that is going to give you the best return for many years, it is hard to pass on Amari Cooper. While Cooper may not be the tall burner that most fantasy owners covet, from all accounts so far in camp he has the route running polish of a savvy veteran. Derek Carr looks to improve on his rookie season you can count on Cooper to be his number one target for years to come. It takes a big talent to go to the Raiders and still succeed but make no mistake Amari Cooper is that talent.


2. Todd Gurley – RB/St Louis Rams

Getty Images
Getty Images

If this list was based on the next 5 years instead of their whole career then Todd Gurley could have very well been number one. He will probably have the best fantasy seasons of anyone on this list when it’s all said and done but as we have come to see very clearly by now Running Backs are not long term assets. Gurley possesses the power and speed that few backs do. There is of course the issue of his injured knee which forced him to miss most of his last year at Georgia. For all of Jeff Fishers faults an there are many, he has been on point with his treatment of Gurley so far. We aren’t gonna see what Gurley can do until he is good and healthy. But when he is healthy I expect him to be the best young running back we’ve seen since Adrian Peterson.


3. Kevin White – WR/Chicago Bears

Kevin White

There is a chance that we don’t get to see Kevin White on the field this year. This is a dynasty list however and his long term prospects are still very good. Everyone knows now about how much he impressed at the combine and at 6′ 3″ he has the size and speed that makes scouts drool. He is going to be a real playmaker in the NFL when he does get on the field and has the most upside of any receiver in this class. So don’t be afraid to draft him high in your rookie drafts because the long term value is still there.

4. Nelson Agholar – WR/Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Rourke / AP

Few rookies will be counted on to contribute as soon as Nelson Agholar and few landed in better spots to do so. Fantasy players know that if you can get a piece of the Eagles passing game you should. Chip Kelly maximizes fantasy value for his offensive players and with the exodus of proven names Agholar should be able to showcase his speed almost immediately. He should be one of the starters on the outside in Week 1. The only major Dynasty concern is what if Chip Kelly has a subpar year and is coaching West Texas State next year but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.


5. Melvin Gordon – RB/San Diego Chargers

melvin gordon

There are a lot of things to like about Melvin Gordon for me, first of all I’m a San Diego Chargers fan. Second of all he was one of the best Running Backs to ever play college football. Third of all out of every rookie he probably landed in the best spot to contribute immediately for Fantasy Football players. These are all good things but I have my reservations about taking Melvin Gordon too high. My first concern is that we’ve all fallen for the Wisconsin running back before. If you can name me the last one that went on to be a Fantasy Stud I’ll give you a Schrute Buck. The rumblings out of Chargers camp after his preseason debut have also started to reveal some weaknesses in his game. Now I’m not willing to cross him off my list completely because I think the positives still outweigh the negatives but I have him a little lower than most lists you will read.


6. Devante Parker – WR/Miami Dolphins

Allen Eyestone/The Palm Beach Post

Devante Parker has the makeup of Number one receiver. He is also going to a situation that is better than it looks. Jarvis Landry came on to the scene last year and looks to improve on a great rookie season, but Landry is much more of an underneath receiver and with the departure of Mike Wallace that leaves room for a true number one. This is where Parker steps in. He is overcoming some injury issues but most recent reports are that he should be ready Week One. His long term value is very good and he should be a 1st round pick in all rookie drafts.


7. Ameer Abdullah – RB/Detroit Lions

15ABDULLAH-master675 LeonHalip-GettyImages
Leon Halip / Getty Images

Can you hear that? Choo Choo! Yeah you can hear it, that’s the hype train rolling down the tracks. Ever since his preseason debut this guys redraft ADP is shooting up like a junkie on Jonathan Street in Hagerstown. This is where I pump the breaks a little. The starter in Detroit is going to be Joique Bell when he’s healthy. Will he stay healthy? That’s another question but this is a Dynasty list and if Ameer doesn’t get the load this year he will get it in the next year or so because the talent is gonna be too hard to hide.

8. TJ Yeldon – RB/Jacksonville Jaguars

Phil Sears / USA TODAY Sports

Which rookie will start the season as a 3 down back for his team? Yes the answer is TJ Yeldon. He has some real strengths like his size and quickness. His biggest weakness is obviously that he plays for Jacksonville but their offense is going to be on the uptick. He has also had some ball security issues in the past so if those pop up it could be Denard Robinson time again who admittedly wasn’t bad last year. He’s still worth a pick in the first round especially if you are looking for someone to contribute in 2015.


9. Dorial Green-Beckham – WR/Tennessee Titans


Fantasy is often times a game of taking risks. If you like taking risks then Dorial Green-Beckham ss the player for you. He has unlimited potential if he stays above water. His situation may not be the best right away but he could be the top red zone target in Tennessee as a rookie. There is of course the off field stuff and if you owned Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon in Dynasty you know that pain all too real. So the choice is yours. Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?


10. Jameis Winston – QB/Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Famous Jamies is the QB to take from this class if you are in the market for a young guy. He will have some growing pains for sure but he will also have some very tall weapons to throw the ball too in Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and Austin Sefarian Jenkins. He also is staying Florida so he can still go to Publix when he’s got a hankering for crab legs. All jokes aside though he has the size, strength and pocket presence you want out of a QB prospect. You could do a lot worse in the first round.



11. Breshad Perriman – WR/Baltimore Ravens

Should start right away, having injury issues in camp. Could be long term WR1 there.

12. Devin Funchess – WR/Carolina Panthers

Benjamin injury means he will get a shot at contributing as a rookie.

13. Tevin Coleman – RB/Atlanta Falcons

Could be two down starter as a rookie.

14. Duke Johnson – RB/Cleveland Browns

Should back up Crowell, has some long term promise.

15. Phillip Dorsett – WR/Indianapolis Colts

Taken in first round of NFL draft so Colts like him, great long term value with top QB.

16. Marcus Mariota –  QB/Tennessee Titans

Should have some value as a rookie but more of a long term play. Take him if you have an older starter.

17. David Cobb – RB/Tennessee Titans

Bishop Sankey did not impress, could start soon.

18. Maxx Williams – TE/Baltimore Ravens

The best TE prospect of this class and going to a team that uses the TE a decent bit.

19. Jaelen Strong – WR/Houston Texans

They are hoping he starts alongside Hopkins for a long time.

20. Matt Jones – RB/Washington Redskins

Could this be Alfred Morris’s last year in DC? Matt Jones could help them with that decision.



This should get you started for your Dynasty Rookie Draft and remember I’m your Sweet Fantasy. Follow me on Twitter @thechrissweet for more of my DFS treats. Challenge me on DraftKings at SweetFantasy!