Sweet Fantasy – 69 Things: Week 1

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Chris Sweet – Senior Fantasy Analyst: The Wagner Wire

Your Sweet Fantasy is back and I’m bringing you 69 thoughts, facts, and musings from a mostly ugly Week 1 of fantasy football.

  1. Alex Smith has a large chip on his shoulder.
  2. Kareem Hunt is going to be a problem for opposing fantasy owners.
  3. Travis Kelce is not Gronk…he’s better than him.
  4. Tom Brady will be just fine.
  5. I want to own Brandin Cooks this week in New Orleans.
  6. Chris Hogan is not a suitable replacement for Julian Edelman.
  7. The Top 5 Fantasy QBs in Week 1 were Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford, Trevor Siemian, and Derek Carr. At least 3 of them won’t have a better week all year.
  8. Minnesota’s offense looked really good in Week 1. They actually play an NFL Defense in Week 2.
  9. Speaking of Defenses…I don’t think Jacksonville, Baltimore, or the Rams are one-week wonders.
  10. Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp should be owned in every league.
  11. The 2017 rookies were very impressive in Week 1. Not just the big names.
  12. Kenny Golladay is going to take Marvin Jones spot if he hasn’t already.
  13. Sebastian Janikowski can stay at the bar, Giorgio Tavecchio may have Wally Pipped him.
  14. Marshawn Lynch looks about the same as he did 2 years ago.
  15. The Titans aren’t gonna waste time easing Corey Davis into a contributing role.
  16. Did you blink? You just missed the Tom Savage era.
  17. Leonard Fournette is going to make a lot of people forget Blake Bortles stinks until January.
  18. Antonio Brown is really good at football. We are watching greatness.
  19. Le’veon Bell will be as good as we remember when his preseason is over.
  20. The Browns are a year away from being a problem for the rest of the AFC North.
  21. Deshone Kizer is going to be the best QB of his draft class.
  22. Mike Gillislee is going to score a lot of Touchdowns.
  23. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Thielen finishes the year as a WR1 in PPR leagues.
  24. I need to see a few more games before I decide if Drew Brees is declining.
  25. I don’t need to see any more of Carson Palmer.
  26. The David Johnson injury is a bummer.
  27. Jay Cutler didn’t look terrible in Week 1. That might be the only time I praise him this year.
  28. I’m eager to see the Bucs offense.
  29. Fantasy Tight Ends…The struggle is real.
  30. Hunter Henry is in a timeshare. This shouldn’t be a surprise to you.
  31. Jordan Howard owners shouldn’t panic yet. A complimentary pass catching back is a good thing.
  32. Tarik Cohen isn’t a league winner but he will be a nice PPR back and flex option.
  33. Joe Mixon might be the best RB on his team. Marvin Lewis doesn’t want to find out yet.
  34. Adrian Peterson owners might want to start checking for Alvin Kamara on the waiver wire.
  35. Melvin Gordon has really progressed into a solid all around back since his rookie year.
  36. Trevor Siemian could be a decent QB2 this year.
  37. Carson Wentz is going to be a really good NFL and Fantasy QB.
  38. It took him a few years but Nelson Agholor looks primed for a breakout.
  39. Javorious Allen will do a pretty good Danny Woodhead impression while he’s out.
  40. Randall Cobb looks like he is going to see plenty of targets this year.
  41. The Seahawks Offense looks as bad as it did at the beginning of 2016. I guess Offensive Lines are important.
  42. Chris Carson is ready to be the lead back in Seattle if Thomas Rawls falters.
  43. Ty Montgomery isn’t losing his job. He’s a weapon no matter what position they assign him.
  44. I don’t think we are getting a sophomore slump from Dak Prescott.
  45. I liked Eli before the season…I don’t know if he can play anymore.
  46. Christian McCaffery looked fine in Week 1. Not fine for a 3rd round pick in fantasy drafts though.
  47. Jonathan Stewart is going to be startable most weeks.
  48. Golden Tate may be the new Doug Baldwin in that he’s not fun to draft but he gets the job done.
  49. Bennie Fowler scored 2 TDs. Anyone remember Kevin Ogletree?
  50. Frank Gore has been keeping young guys from taking his job for about 6 years. I’m not confident he will make it 7.
  51. If I was running the Colts I would shut Andrew Luck down for the year and clean house.
  52. I would sell Lesean McCoy after a few more games.
  53. You could do a lot worse than Tyrod Taylor as your fantasy QB.
  54. I wouldn’t feel good about starting anyone on the Jets.
  55. Carlos Hyde is going to have a very good year, especially in PPR.
  56. Andy Dalton might be really bad this year. As in worse than usual.
  57. Defenses were ahead of the Offenses in Week 1
  58. I’m really interested to see the Chiefs and Eagles play this week.
  59. The loser of the Saints and Patriots game is going to be in a tough spot.
  60. Whichever QB loses that game is going to be talked about as being washed up.
  61. I’m not sure if the Bears Defense is better than last year or the Falcons Offense is worse than last year. Good chance it’s both.
  62. If I had to own 1 Cardinals RB for the next few months I think it’s Andre Ellington.
  63. Brandon Marshall did not have a good debut with the Giants. I’m reserving judgment until we see Beckham in that Offense.
  64. Kirk Cousins is going to be really good for the 49ers next year.
  65. Zach Ertz seems on track for a Top 3 TE finish this year.
  66. One of these years I will take Jordy Nelson in a draft. He just does what he does every year.
  67. Amari Cooper now has more Red Zone TDs in 2017 than he did in all of 2016.
  68. I could see Corey Coleman finishing as a Top 25 WR this year.
  69. It was really nice to see Keenan Allen make it past Game 1 this year. I love him this week against Miami.

I hope you enjoyed the quick 69. As always I’m your Sweet Fantasy.

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