Sweet Fantasy 6 lists of 9 – Week 7

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Chris Sweet – Senior Fantasy Analyst: The Wagner Wire

We are through 7 weeks which is a little over half of the regular season. Your Sweet Fantasy is switching things up a little this week. I’m bringing you 6 lists of 9 from the first half of the Fantasy Football season. These lists are compiled by yours truly and cover a range of things. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Top 9 Week Winners

These are players that had outrageous weeks that won you the week by themselves. Several of these players could have been here multiple times.

  1. Kareem Hunt Week 1 – 148 rushing yards 5 receptions 98 receiving yards 3 total TD
  2. Amari Cooper Week 7 – 11 receptions 210 receiving yards 2 TD
  3. Todd Gurley Week 3 – 113 rushing yards 5 receptions 36 receiving yards 3 total TD
  4. Ezekiel Elliott Week 7 – 147 rushing yards 1 reception 72 receiving yards 3 total TD
  5. Deshaun Watson Week 5 – 261 yards passing 5 TDs 31 yards rushing 1 2pt conversion
  6. Tom Brady Week 2 – 447 yards passing 3 TD
  7. Le’veon Bell Week 4 – 144 rushing yards 4 receptions 42 receiving yards 2 total TD
  8. Leonard Fournette Week 5 – 181 rushing yards 2 TD
  9. Stefon Diggs Week 3 – 8 receptions 173 receiving yards 2 TD

Top 9 Overachievers

This list highlights players that are outperforming their draft position.

  1. Kareem Hunt – 1002 yards from scrimmage 25 receptions 6 TD. Depending on when your draft was, Kareem Hunt could have been as low as a 5th rounder.
  2. Todd Gurley – 920 yards from scrimmage 27 receptions 8 TD. Gurley was a 2nd or 3rd rounder in most drafts but is RB1 at the moment.
  3. Chris Hogan – 28 receptions 378 yards receiving 5 TD. Some people drafted before Julian Edelman was lost for the season. Hogan was drafted around the 8th Round post-Edelman injury.
  4. Alex Smith – 1979 yards passing 15 TDs 0 Interceptions 121 yards rushing 1 TD. Smith went undrafted in many leagues and is currently QB1 in most formats.
  5. Carson Wentz – 1852 yards passing 17 TD 4 Interceptions 196 yards rushing. Wentz was drafted as a QB2 by most Fantasy Football Players.
  6. Deshaun Watson – 1297 yards passing 15 TD 5 Interceptions 202 yards rushing 2 TD. Watson was on the waiver wire for several weeks.
  7. Adam Thielen – 43 receptions 539 yards receiving. Thielen was drafted after round 10 in most leagues. He is currently a Top 10 WR in ppr.
  8. Zach Ertz – 39 receptions 494 yards receiving 5 TD. The current TE1 could be had in the 7th round or later of most drafts.
  9. Jason Witten – 31 receptions 283 yards receiving 3 TD. The ageless wonder was drafted towards the back of most drafts.

Top 9 Lemons

These are players with a high ticket price that have had their share of problems in the first half. Unfortunately, 1st round picks don’t have warranties. Injuries do not apply.

  1. Marshawn Lynch – 304 yards from scrimmage 2 TD. Many used a 3rd round pick on Marshawn.
  2. Jamison Crowder – 19 receptions 149 yards receiving 0 TD. The 5th or 6th round pick was dropped in many leagues.
  3. Isaiah Crowell – 395 yards from scrimmage 0 TD. “Crow” was drafted as an RB1 in many leagues.
  4. Martavis Bryant – 18 receptions 234 yards receiving 1 TD. Many expected a breakout from Martavis. He may be breaking out of Pittsburgh before the season is over.
  5. Matt Ryan – 1590 yards passing 7 TD 6 Interceptions. Matt Ryan was drafted as a Top 5 QB.
  6. Terrelle Pryor – 18 receptions 223 yards receiving 1 TD. It’s amazing Kirk Cousins is still putting up stats with Crowder and Pryor as his Top 2 WR.
  7. Jay Ajayi – 491 yards from scrimmage 0 TD. Ajayi’s stat line isn’t terrible but 0 TDs hurts the 1st round pick.
  8. Amari Cooper – 29 receptions 356 yards 3 TD. A huge Week 7 saved Cooper from a top 3 spot on this list.
  9. Joe Mixon – 333 yards from scrimmage 1 TD. Mixon was drafted in the first 5 rounds and has yet to breakout.

Top 9 Closers

These are players that have a big 2nd half in store.

  1. Mark Ingram – Mark Ingram is going to help a lot of teams go far in the playoffs now that Adrian Peterson is in Arizona.
  2. Amari Cooper – Cooper may have just had the best game of his career. For the Raiders to make a playoff push they will need to keep Amari involved.
  3. Doug Baldwin – Doug is no stranger to huge 2nd half performances. I expect him to heat up down the stretch, along with Russell Wilson.
  4. Jay Ajayi – Ajayi’s workload is starting to ramp up again. He should have a few 100-yard games down the stretch.
  5. Josh Doctson – Josh Doctson is going to be given every opportunity by Jay Gruden to be the top WR in Washington going forward.
  6. Evan Engram – Engram has already been great this year. He is the Giants only receiving option right now and should remain a TE1 the rest of the way.
  7. Aaron Jones – Jones has proven he is the best running back on the Packers roster.
  8. Derek Carr – Carr has some great match-ups in the second half. He is back to form.
  9. Hunter Henry – After few donuts early in the season, Hunter is now a huge part of the Chargers passing game.

Top 9 Rookie Phenoms

These are the Fantasy rookies making the biggest impact

  1. Kareem Hunt – 1002 yards from scrimmage 25 receptions 6 TD. Hunt is the RB1 in many formats right now. In a rookie class with lots of RB talent, he surpassed the Big 3 in his opening game.
  2. Deshaun Watson – 1297 yards passing 15 TD 5 Interceptions 202 yards rushing 2 TD. Watson is having an all-time great season at the QB position. He was free in most leagues.
  3. Leonard Fournette – 732 yards from scrimmage 15 receptions 7 total TD. Fournette may lead this list by season’s end. He is an old-school volume back that likes to inflict pain on the secondary.
  4. Dalvin Cook – 444 yards from scrimmage 11 receptions 2 Total TD in only 4 games. Cook was done for the season after 4 games but I had to put him in this spot. He will be a great fantasy RB for a long time.
  5. Evan Engram – 30 receptions 342 yards receiving 3 TD. Engram is having a Top 5 season at the Tight End position in his rookie year. That is unheard of.
  6. Christian McCaffery – 443 yards from scrimmage 44 receptions 2 Total TD. McCaffery hasn’t been great as a runner but he is on pace for around 100 receptions.
  7. Cooper Kupp – 23 receptions 316 yards receiving 3 TD. This isn’t a great WR class but Cooper Kupp has emerged as the slot receiver on a surprisingly high powered Rams offense.
  8. Tarik Cohen – 454 yards from scrimmage 27 receptions 1 TD. The receiving back was a hot waiver pickup after Week 1. He has cooled off some but is still a decent flex play.
  9. Alvin Kamara – 424 yards from scrimmage 28 receptions 2 TD. Kamara has taken over the Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles role in Sean Payton’s offense. He has a nice floor in ppr leagues.

Top 9 Freebies

This is a list of the Top waiver wire pickups of the first half.

  1. Chris Thompson – 579 yards from scrimmage 23 receptions 5 TD. Thompson has been the best receiver on the Redskins. If you picked up Thompson you got a Top 10 ppr RB for free.
  2. Deshaun Watson – 1297 yards passing 15 TD 5 Interceptions 202 yards rushing 2 TD. Watson is on a lot of my lists and that shows you how great of an impact he has had.
  3. Alex Smith – 1979 yards passing 15 TDs 0 Interceptions 121 yards rushing 1 TD. The QB1 in some formats was unowned in many leagues to start the year.
  4. Nelson Agholor – 24 receptions 366 yards receiving 5 TD. Agholor looked like a bust after 2 years. He has been Carson Wentz’s second option after Zach Ertz this year.
  5. Javorius “Buck” Allen – 444 yards from scrimmage 31 receptions 2 total TD. Allen’s pass-catching has made him an easy guy to start at the flex every week.
  6. Tarik Cohen – 454 yards from scrimmage 27 receptions 1 TD. Cohen was the free agent prize of the early season. The lack of a deep passing game in Chicago should keep him involved.
  7. Austin Seferian-Jenkins – 26 receptions 173 yards receiving 3 TD in 5 games. ASJ is an every week starter at TE that you grabbed for free.
  8. Jerick McKinnon – 368 yards from scrimmage 22 receptions 3 TD. Jerick McKinnon put together back to back 20 plus point games after the Dalvin Cook injury.
  9. Jared Goff – 1719 yards passing 9 TD 4 Interceptions 45 yards rushing 1 TD. Goff may still be available on your waiver wire. He is leading one of the top offenses in the NFL.

I hope you enjoyed these lists. Next week I’ll hit you with another 69…things. I’m your Sweet Fantasy.

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