Premium Positions

Greg Holland

Traditional fantasy baseball leagues require more foresight and tactics than your daily fantasy sports games. Lets address the Closers! Enduring injuries in fantasy baseball is routine, and pitchers drop like flies. How you manage your roster is a skill. Don’t have a “knee jerk” reaction and trade for position players. If you went early in your draft for a Closer then chances are you drafted Krimbel, Jansen or possibly Holland. Two (Jansen, Holland) are currently on the DL. While doing this, you may have neglected your position players. That’s fine! Do not rearrange your roster because of DL issues. There is still 20 weeks left in most leagues. In my opinion, catcher is a position that has minimum returns on investment. If you didn’t draft Posey or Perez, don’t waste time. Catcher is a  position that does not effect the weekly outcome too often. Start fielding a team with dynamic players that generate premium stats. There are many HR hitters out there. Did you draft A-Rod? Hitters will always hit. Go get some speed and go get some arms. Start researching your prospects. With Joc Peterson, Kris Bryant and Addison Russell getting the call, you have the opportunity to fill that roster of yours with young, dynamic talent.  You can win every week 6-4, (depending on format) with pitchers and base stealers. Stay with your premium closers. Champions do it every year.