NFL Fantasy Football Top Kickers 2015

Author: Nick Rodriguez

Kickers are one of the most important positions in fantasy football as they can be the difference in winning a fantasy football game and losing. Here are my top 5 kickers heading into the 2015 season.

5. Mason Crosby

Crosby last season ranked 5th among all kickers with 142 fantasy points. Crosby last season went 53 for 55 in XP which is a reason why to like Crosby. Not the fact that he missed two XP, but the fact that he is getting that many attempts to give you some points. With this high powered offense, Crosby will get many oppurtunities to kick the football, which is why I like him and have him at number 5.

4.  Dan Bailey

Bailey last season ranked 6th in all of kickers with 141 fantasy points. Bailey has not missed a kick 33 yards or closer in three years. Bailey is automatic from short distance which makes him such a nice option at that position. Bailey also went 56 for 56 in XP which ranks first in the NFL last season. Bailey went 25 for 29 in field goal attempts last season as well. With the Cowboys being able to score some points, that is the reason why Bailey is number 4 in my rankings.

3. Cody Parkey

Parkey had an amazing year last season which is why he is number 3 in my rankings. He finished with 158 fantasy points which is tied for 1st for most points in the 2014 season. Parkey went 54 for 54 in XP and 32 for 36 in field goals. Parkey also made 14 field goals from 30-39 yards which ranked first in the NFL. With the Eagles expected to score a lot of points, you can expect Parkey to get a lot of oppurtunities.

2. Adam Vinatieri

Vinatieri is healthy heading into the 2015 season which is huge. He will be getting a lot of action with the high powered offense that the Colts have. Vinatieri last season was 50 for 50 in XP and 30 for 31 in FG. He was practically perfect and has high expectations this season, as he has been one of the best kickers in the NFL for years.

1. Stephen Gostkowski

Gostkowski is hands down the best kicker in the NFL and has been for years. Last season he had 158 fantasy points which was tied for 1st in the NFL. Last season he was 51 for 51 in XP and with this Patriots offense, he is another guy that will get plenty of opportunities.

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