Maxim Matchups 101

Maxim Matchups 101 

Maxim Matchups is a new daily fantasy sports game that recently changed its name from Maxim Fantasy Sports. Here are the basics you need to know about playing, enjoying and winning on Maxim Matchups.


First of all, yes, it is from that Maxim, as in Maxim Magazine. But the game is focused on sports, not on the Maxim girls. But trust me, it’s still worth playing!


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Maxim Matchups has a different approach to DFS. The game play is super easy with no need to track salaries or salary caps.


Maxim Matchup is made of daily cards for football, baseball, and NASCAR. Hockey is apparently on its way too. The examples below are for football, but the same matchup concept exists for all sports. This is what cards look like.



Pick a card that looks interesting to you. Each card has a series of head to head daily matchups. All you have to do is pick which side of the matchup you believe will win that day. A roster is the selection of matchups you are playing on any given card. Click Rules & Scoring in the game for detailed scoring by sport.


There are three kinds of matchups –

  • Head to head
  • Handicapped
  • Greater than/less than

Each card can have a combination of all three matchup types. Each matchup show fantasy averages for the players based on the Maxim Matchups scoring system.


Head to head. Simply choose the player you believe will score more fantasy points that day. In this matchup if the player you choose has more fantasy points than the other player that day then you win this matchup. As you can see, matchups can be fun because you can have players on the same team go up against each other list Janikowski and Crabtree in this NFL Week 3 example.  Raiders Kicker vs Raiders WR, where else can you play that matchup?



Handicapped – Similar to head to head except each player has plus or minus points that will be added to or subtracted from their fantasy totals that day. In the example below if you choose Carson Palmer, two points will be subtracted from his total and then compared to Matt Ryan’s total. But if you choose Matt Ryan, two points will be added to his total when compared to Carson Palmer’s total.



It’s easy to expand the view to see player stats (averages) in the game itself.



Greater Than/Less Than – These are my favorites to play because I only have to analyze one player per matchup. The concept is just like an over/under. Will the player get greater than or less than the projected fantasy points for this day. In this example if Jimmy Graham scores more than 10.00 fantasy points you win this matchup if you selected Greater Than. If you selected Less Than and he scores fewer than 10.00 fantasy points then you do not win this matchup.



Simple, right?   Take a look at the cards you like and pick the side of the matchup you like. So, how do you win?


Maxim Matchups is a tiered game meaning you can choose how many matchups you play per each roster you submit. The minimum number of matchups you can play per roster is 4 and the maximum number of matchups per roster is 10 (you must pick at least 4 and no more than 10 matchups to play a roster).  You can play multiple rosters per card and you can play multiple rosters across all cards.


If you win all of the matchups on your card you win cash which is deposited into your account. If you lose any one matchup on a card that card is not a winner. Again, it’s pretty simple.


So why play more matchups if that gives you more chances to lose? Yes, it’s true the more matchups you play the more risk you have, but the reward is also much higher the more matchups you play. Here’s the Maxim Matchups pay table. You can play between $2 and $20 on any card but the pay ratio (‘Pays’ column below) is the same regardless of the dollars played.  Note the $10 in the image is just an example, your payout is bases on the dollars you play per roster.


On the low end, go 4 for 4 on a $2 game and win $20.

On the high end, go 10 for 10 on a $20 game and win $10,000!




Maxim Matchups is a great compliment to other daily fantasy sports games because of its easy to use and quick play format. You can play a roster in a few minutes without having to manage salary caps.


It’s also different in that you are not playing against other players, it’s your skills and analysis against the card. You won’t get overrun by professionals fantasy players.


Give Maxim Matchups a try, I think you’ll enjoy it. Hit up The Wagner Wire on Twitter with questions about Maxim Matchups @TheWagnerWire


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