Maxim Fantasy Sports MLB Tuesday (5/19) – Star Power Card

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What’s going on Maxim Fantasy Sports Champions? I have some great matchups for the MLB Tuesday (5/19) – Star Power Card. Here are my 4 MUST PLAY picks for you!

Liriano v Niese

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This is the safest pitcher matchup for me, and I like Liriano. He’s only giving .5 to Niese, who is facing a brutal Cardinal lineup with an undefeated Wacha (5-0, 2.06).


Rizzo v Gonzalez 
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We don’t have to over think this! Rizzo and the Cubbies are facing Shields at San Diego. I like Adrian’s matchup against Hudson tonight and the +.5 doesn’t hurt either.


Freeman v Davis

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This just isn’t me having a biased opinion here 🙂 Freddy is dangerous, but Crush is hitting at home tonight, in Camden Yards against Walker (1-4, 7.22). With Nelly’s Boomstick in the other dugout, Davis and the O’s will need Crush!


Wacha Greater Than 8

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This dude has been money for the Cardinals this year. With Wainwright going down, Wacha seems to want the title of “Ace”. Wacha is 5-0 and owns an ERA of 2.06. He faces a weaker hitting lineup tonight against the Mets.


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