Lineup Luster

We sometimes¬†get tunnel vision on the 3,4 and 5 hitters in baseball. We should! They are usually the “heavy hitters” and are considered the heart of the order. But lets not forget about our leadoff hitters. While picking your lineups consider that a hitter’s opportunity comes from the success of the overall team batting avg. Hitters 1-3 have a higher percentage of getting more at-bats. The DFS players in fantasy baseball, that appear to be unsuccessful, have nothing but homerun hitters in their lineups. Yes, I check others DFS lineups that I’m competing against. So should you if want to be a DFS champion. Matt Carpenter is a prime example of someone that should be in your everyday lineup. He is a solid hitter with good plate discipline and a threat on the bases with his ability to swipe the next base. Having Heyward or Holliday advancing him home never hurts either. Everyone loves the longball but lets understand what we’re doing here in this game of failure. Pick your fantasy baseball lineups wisely and maximize your chances at earning points.