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What’s up Degenerates,

Well we are 3 weeks into the NFL season and teams are starting to take shape. Most likely not all of your draft picks are panning out the way you had hoped! Plain and simple, it may be time to Move On….?

Mike Wallace/Vikings


Let’s see….after a promising few years in Pittsburgh, Wallace took the cash and headed to Miami. A few years went by and they sent him packing to a polar opposite….Minnesota. His lack of production and notable attitude was overlooked by the Vikes and well…..same result. Same Mike Wallace production just in a different temperature. A WR getting #1 money being out played by many #3 WRs in all FF leagues. Drop him people he’s killing your lineup.

Sam Bradford/Eagles

AP Photo - Matt Ludtke
AP Photo – Matt Ludtke

Hey Chip, thanks for the high powered, fast paced college offense. Bradford has been dreadful this FF season. Philly can’t run the ball and Sam looks clueless passing the ball. Now they did lose Maclin and have a rookie WR starting….but….cmon bro! 3 weeks in and he has scored less that 40 pts. Philly is in rough shape on offense all around and Sam probably isn’t far from being replaced. Maybe give him another week or so but most FF league playoffs start around week 14 so time is running out.

Markus Wheaton/Steelers


I was OFF on this guy with my preseason thoughts. He really hasn’t been targeted at all so far this season. With Bell back in the lineup and Bryant’s return on the horizon, there are only so many plays in a game. Oh yeah….did I mention that Antonio Brown is unable to be cover BY ANYONE! So why even look to throw the ball else where.

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