Just The Tip – Buyer Beware

Author: DZ


Everyone knows the big names, popular players, and usual big point producers. As players change teams, injuries mount, and draft picks show promise, your fantasy forcast can change too!
Here we have a few players that typically you may not consider a “risky ” pick but should come with a Caution label this season. So….Buyer Beware!


Cam Newton – QB/Panthers

Cam Newton
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports


Typically a above average fantasy QB, Newton may have a tough year. With below average depth at WR and losing his #1 WR, where will Newton turn? Benjamin, Newton’s #1 target is out for the season. He has veterans like Ginn and Cotchery but nobody that can match Benjamin ‘ s production. Carolina did draft Funchess but he doesnt have the speed of Benjamin.With no major threat on the outside, teams will likely double TE Olsen. This could mean more rushing points for Newton but that will come a higher risk of injury.


Alfred Morris – RB/Redskins

Alfred Morris
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images


Morris had a big rookie year. Alot of his success was aided by the read-option with RG3. Since then his numbers have dropped. The Redskins have used the read-option very little since that rookie year. With Griffin all but GONE and Cousins leading the offense, the ‘skins will likely use more traditional running formations. These formations haven’t been as lucrative for Morris.


Colin Kaepernick-QB-49ers



Well….here’s another tough one! The super-athletic QB has alot of upside but has consistently struggled. With the changing of the coaching staff, and the unreal turnover in players, you can’t help but wonder how Kaepernick can get on track? New offensive linemen, new WRs, new RBS all create a cause for concern. Oh yeah, not to mention many new faces on the defense is likely to put even more pressure on the 49ers offense.


Remember, this is Just The Tip and you should always think it over before going all the way in on your picks.