Glizzy or Cheeseburger?

When our country celebrates our independence each year on July 4th, we will most likely consume a glizzy or cheeseburger. Personally, I will eat both. I usually bypass the fruit and other distractions on the sides table and focus specifically on the hotdogs and burgers. I like to live by the rule of two; two glizzies and two cheeseburgers. This is always the goal or mission going into the holiday. Of course, I’m also consuming Major League Baseball and highlights of Joey Chestnut from the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Fox Sports provided the line: Joey Chestnut: -4000 (bet $10 to win $10.25 total). That’s America in a bun; baseball, hot dogs, burgers and competition.

The cheeseburger is a staple of American cuisine. It’s an institution. When I think of a cheeseburger, I think of Iron Man; when RDJ was eating cheeseburgers at the press conference at the end of Iron Man. That scene has help make cheeseburgers synonymous with America. I eat them frequently. I don’t need that many fixings for my cheeseburger. My go-to is a double cheeseburger with only bacon, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. The best cheeseburgers in Austin, TX are at Dan’s Hamburgers and Highland Lanes. Highland Lanes is a Big Lebowski-themed burger joint that is home to The Walter.

However, for Independence Weekend, I go with the hot dog, because its consumed less than burgers are. Or at least they are in the sample survey of my diet. The glizzy is preserved for those special occasions and they’re hard to pass up when you get one that is fresh off the grill. A pretzel bun with mustard and relish on the hotdog is one of my favorite glizzy combos. There is also the Classic Coney with chili, onions and mustard. To complete the trinity of glizzies, we have the Death Dog (chili, cheese, jalapenos and onions), that will probably burn you twice. Speaking of burning you twice, I love my own recipe I call the Diablo Dog that has chili, cheese, onions, and jalapenos like the Death Dog, and also smothered in a special diablo sauce (BBQ sauce, Mayo, and a touch of spicy brown mustard). You’re welcome. It will burn you twice though.

Please have a safe and fun Independence Day. Remember what makes our country great. It’s a “WE” thing, not a “ME” thing. Happy Birthday, America! I hope you eat a glizzy and a cheeseburger while reading this. If you aren’t, now’s the time. Follow me on Twitter @NotTheFakeWags and on TikTok at TheWagnerWire for more life hacks. Listen to The Wagner Wire podcast on Spotify too.