The Big 3 DFS Show: NFL Week 11 Kickoff Show

    Al Walsh and Chris Sweet go with the 2 man run and gun offense today and break down the Week 11 games right before kickoff. Use Promo Code TheWagnerWire for 100% deposit bonus up to $1500 & a FREE ROLL upon depositing onto the site.  

Sweet Fantasy – Week 6 DFS Value Picks

    Chris Sweet: Senior Fantasy Analyst – The Wagner Wire   The air is getting a little cooler, the leaves are starting to turn yellow and orange but the money is still green and The Wagner Wire staff is always trying to put those dollar bills in your pockets. Week 5 was quite a ride, some studs disappointed and Jamaal Charles got hurt but there were probably more middle and lower tiered guys that came through than any other week this year. That was last week though and we are on to Week 6 already. I'm not gonna lie, the value was harder to find this week. Dion Lewis would still be on this list but DraftKings finally got wise and moved him

Sweet Fantasy – DFS Value Picks: NFL Week 3

  Chris Sweet – Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst: The Wagner Wire   Well loyal Wagner Wire subscribers here we are and it's Week 3 already. Some of your season long teams may be in the tank at 0-2, we can pretend none of mine are...cough cough. But I digress, we all know the great thing about DFS is you start out undefeated every week. For those of you that read my first two weeks of value picks and those of you that haven't I'm gonna run down exactly what this column should best be utilized for. The guys I'm gonna mention should be used primarily in tournaments or "gpp" contests such as the "Millionaire Maker" and are not meant as sure bets but

Week 3 Thursday Night Preview Redskins at Giants

Chris Sweet – Senior Fantasy Analyst: The Wagner Wire Hey there Fantasy freaks, Your Sweet Fantasy is bringing you a quick look at tonight's game between the Redskins and Giants for Season Long Fantasy and DFS purposes. I'm going to start off by saying I don't love this game for DFS purposes but if you get in a contest that includes tonight's game fading the game entirely may be the best bet as the Thursday Night guys usually have high ownership and if it's a stinker of a game that will benefit you. Washington Redskins Must Plays: Jordan Reed - Tight End I don't know that there is a must start for the Redskins in tonight's game but a good option at TE in all formats

The Big 3 DFS Show – NFL Week 2 Preview for DraftKings and FanDuel

Use Promo Code DFSBIG for FREE $10 Play! A quick down & dirty video on who needs to be in your lineup.    

Maxim Fantasy Sports: MLB Friday (5/29) – Star Power Card

The Wagner Wire insights for today’s lineups at     What’s going on Maxim Fantasy Sports Champions? I have some great matchups for the MLB Friday (5/29) – Star Power Card. Lets Go! Here are my 4 MUST PLAY picks for you to play in today.   Shields v Harvey Rumors are speculating that Harvey has a “dead arm” after Tommy John Surgery. I’m encouraged to go with Shields as result. Harvey got shelled his lat time out. Shields owns an ERA of 3.75 and is 6-0. Harvey's ERA is 2.91 but will face a dangerous Giancarlo Stanton. My gut instinct is Shields and that's who gets my selection.   Fielder v Harper Harper has been Superman lately! He’s getting .5 from Fielder and had a day off yesterday. Bryce pick

Maxim Fantasy Sports MLB Tuesday (5/20) – Star Power Card

The Wagner Wire insights for today’s lineups at     What’s going on Maxim Fantasy Sports Champions? I have some great matchups for the MLB Tuesday (5/20) - Star Power Card.   Here are my 4 MUST PLAY picks for you.         Rizzo v Cabrera   Miguel is getting a full point from Rizzo and Cabrera will be facing Lohse (3-4, 5.85). Rizzo battles against Ross (2-3, 3.94). Take Cabrera!   Carpenter v Brantley   Carpenter faces Colon and the Mets tonight in Citi Field. Colon is yielding an ERA 3.86 and got touched up in his last two outings on the bump. Carpenter has better plate discipline and is more of a threat on the base path.   Longoria v Pujols  Longo is giving Prince Albert a full point in Toronto.

Maxim Fantasy Sports MLB Tuesday (5/19) – Star Power Card

The Wagner Wire insights for today’s lineups at   What’s going on Maxim Fantasy Sports Champions? I have some great matchups for the MLB Tuesday (5/19) - Star Power Card. Here are my 4 MUST PLAY picks for you! Liriano v Niese This is the safest pitcher matchup for me, and I like Liriano. He’s only giving .5 to Niese, who is facing a brutal Cardinal lineup with an undefeated Wacha (5-0, 2.06).   Rizzo v Gonzalez    We don’t have to over think this! Rizzo and the Cubbies are facing Shields at San Diego. I like Adrian’s matchup against Hudson tonight and the +.5 doesn’t hurt either.   Freeman v Davis   This just isn’t me having a biased opinion here :) Freddy is dangerous, but Crush is hitting at home

Today’s DFS MLB Roster

  Okay Champs, here is tonight's roster! Go ahead and take Bradley on the hill as he is facing a struggling Ranger’s lineup. At $7,300, you leave significant space for a lineup of hitters that are dialed in at the plate. Norris' Stock continues to rise while blasting the ball to the gaps. He will continue to see pitches batting between Myers and Kemp. Joey Votto is looking lean and mean, putting up a line .377 Avg/6HR/13 RBI's. Kolten Wong is coming off a 3-hit night and is always a threat to swipe a base. Moustakas is always a steal at $3,000 in the Royals' lineup. Since we're talking Royals here, grab Cain for an outfielder. With Moustakas hitting .327 and followed up

Lineup Luster

We sometimes get tunnel vision on the 3,4 and 5 hitters in baseball. We should! They are usually the "heavy hitters" and are considered the heart of the order. But lets not forget about our leadoff hitters. While picking your lineups consider that a hitter's opportunity comes from the success of the overall team batting avg. Hitters 1-3 have a higher percentage of getting more at-bats. The DFS players in fantasy baseball, that appear to be unsuccessful, have nothing but homerun hitters in their lineups. Yes, I check others DFS lineups that I'm competing against. So should you if want to be a DFS champion. Matt Carpenter is a prime example of someone that should be in your everyday lineup. He