BPL Golden Boot Race

​​If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the Premier League this season, you’re well aware of the breakout campaign of Harry Kane. Tottenham’s young striker is scorching the backlines of the Premier League as if he’s playing for his meal ticket. Kane currently shares the league lead with the Blue’s star Diego Costa at 19. Costa, (Chelsea) was brought over from Atletico Madrid, where he tallied 22 and was runner-up to Ronaldo’s 25. He seems eager to claim the scoring title this year, as he and the Blues continue their run at the Premier Crown. However, with the recent injury that he obtained on Saturday, Costa may find himself empty-handed for the second straight year. Look for Kane to keep his form and finally silence all his nonbelievers. With only a few weeks of action left, I project Kane (25), and Agüero (23) Costa (23), Sorry Agüero fans, but Manchester City’s addition of Wilfried Bony will take too many scoring opportunities away from your boy.