Favorite Five WrestleMania Shows

Professional wrestling is fascinating to me. While bemoaned by many, pro wrestling surprisingly has had multiple boom periods. Professional wrestling helped usher in the early television era (think DuMont Network) thanks to performers like Gorgeous George. The two other times professional wrestling was pop culture chic, it was Vince McMahon at the helm. Most recently, was the period that is refereed to as “The Attitude Era”. Those in their 30s-40s fondly remember the era that birthed legends: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, “The Rock”, “D-Generation X” (of course what Eric Bichoff did with WCW and the success of the nWo). Similar to NASCAR during the same time period, pro wrestling was a television ratings and ad revenue darling. However, before the heights

USA vs. Mexico & CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying

Here we are. It is the final stretch of World Cup Qualifying with nothing truly decided. The only thing for sure is that there will be a team from CONCACAF deserving of a Finals appearance who will narrowly miss out. Being a USMNT fan, I speak from memory of the Trinidad & Tobago 2018 debacle. While results have been promising for the red, white, & blue this go around, faltering at the finish line is unacceptable. Hopefully it will not come to needing a result in the final qualifier to get through. But all the teams that are still eligible for a trip to Qatar are stressing. The reality is that in CONCACAF anything can happen. Canada vs. Costa Rica While I